02 Miniature linear ball bearings (metallic cage)

MPS Microsystems

MPS Microsystems
Ch. du Long-Champ 95
2504 Biel

MPS is specialised in miniature high precision linear bearings with tolerances of diameter under the balls < 8 µm.

As a matter of fact MPS offers the smallest linear bearing available on the market.
•Comprehensive range with
bore diameters from Ø 2 mm to Ø 6 mm
•Bore diameter tolerances +8/0 µm
•Outer diameter tolerances 0/-8 µm
•Full stainless steel version available

Product Configuration

Part Number
d [mm]
D [mm]
B [mm]
rmin [mm]
Ø balls [mm]
dyn. (C100B) [N]
stat. (Co) [N]

Bill of Materials Data

MPS Microsystems
Miniature high precision linear ball bearings 100% metal from Ø2mm
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